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Groom is the hero of the show. Not only does he have to look his best, but also he must match the grandeur and style of the bride. There may not be a variety of clothes for men, but there are a variety of designs that will definitely catch the bride's eye. And everyone else's at the wedding.

Besides as the Groom, you are expected to look heroic in every inch, as well as a charming gentleman- a combination that'll melt your girl's heart.

And so to make your hunt for an immaculate outfit easy, we have found some awesome collection for you to look the most handsome of all, on your big day.

This kind of ensemble minus the blazer makes you look charismatic.1. Saya (1)

Credits : Saya


A safari suit will match any look the bride might want to sport at your reception giving you more room for comfort. Plus, safari suits are reusable.

2. Shivaduri Photography hydr (49)

Credits : Shivaduri Photography


A fancy blue suit for the gentlemen in you to loosen up and have fun with your bride at perhaps, one of the biggest days of your life

3. Studio 9696 (22)

Credits : Studio 9696


When you like to look your formal best and show up to people how sincere you are in taking this bride's hand in marriage, a three-piece suit will best reflect your intention.

4. Studio 9696 (104)

Credits : Studio 9696


A tux is a classic attire for men.

5. Studio A Photography (262)

Credits : Studio A


Nothing says gentleman like a suit does, no?6. Studio A Photography (1118)

Credits : Studio A


Suits and bow-tie make you look dashing and gracious

7. Suganathan photography1

Credits : Suganthan Photography


A Sherwani that is fitting for the Prince in you.

8. Sutra Snapperz photoghy

Credits : Sutra Snapperz

8. C N Dezine Studio

Credits : C N Dezine Studio


Traditional as well as debonair, this Sherwani will draw many eyes

9. C N Dezine Studio

Credits : C N Dezine Studio


Dressed in white or off-white, this ensemble will inspire respect and is an outstanding look for the groom

10. Happilyever after photography

Credits : Happily Ever After

10. Ravi Varma Photography hydr

Credits : Ravi Varma Photography

10. The wedding photography

Credits : The Wedding Salad


A kurta and an ethnic coat is perfect if you want to look both formal and cool

11. Studio alpheus photograhy

Credits : Studio Alpheus Photography

11. Saya

Credits : Saya


Sherwanis of traditional red, gold and/or beige colours and combos are a classic

12. Studio A Photography

Credits : Sudtio A

12. Studio sagar Tenali

Credits : Studio Sagar Tenali


Credits : Shyamal & Bhumika

12. Suganathan photography

Credits : Suganthan Photography

12. VIVEK KRISHNAN Photography

Credits : Vivek Krishnan Photography

12. Suman chakri photography

Credits : Suman Chakri Photography


This outfit looks ethnic and sophisticated, which is a rare and contrasting combo.


Credits : Shyamal & Bhumika


Blue and Beige makes for a royal and festive look.

14. Studio A PhotographysCredits : Studio A

14. Studio 9696

Credits : Studio 9696

14. Studio sagar Tenali

Credits : Studio Sagar Tenali


If you don't like the shiny grand look, and prefer a subtle but still fit for special occasion type of ensemble, this is a perfect choice

15. Studio 9696

Credits : Studio 9696

15. Studio 9696 (84)

Credits : Studio 9696

The starry mid-night coloured coat makes the entire outfit dazzle and still looks very much manly

16. Studio 9696

Credits : Studio 9696

An artsy Sherwani that will make you look like a Bollywood Star

17. Studio sagar Tenali (12)

Credits : Studio Sagar Tenali

This Sherwani with an intricately designed artistic shawl is dapper, respectful and heroic in one ensemble

18. Varun Bahl (26)

Credits : Varun Bahl

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