Our Valentine's Day Contest Winners & their photo shoot!


Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Madhumitha & Naren had won our Valentine's Day contest by Smiles and Dreams with maximum likes and they were ready and super excited to be photographed by Mr. Srinivas. Over to him now :) Though originally we planned this to be a pre-wedding shoot, things did not fall in place we finally made it into a post wedding shoot :) As they say everything happens for good and for a reason, this one was no exception!! I seriously doubt if I would have been able to pull off this chemistry between the couples in the pre-wedding shoot. These guys were always giggling , cuddling and madly in love and as a photographer it made my job a lot easier documenting it. To the couple with Huge smiles and Deeply in love Madhumitha & Naren, We wish you many more years of togetherness and do remember to keep that curve on your face :) Shopzters poster 3 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-031 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-049 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-071 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-077 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-104 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-128 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-134 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-137 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-157-Edit 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-225 20140921-Madhumitha-Naren-Coupleshoot-298

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A Golden Tulip

These photos are so full of love and fun!! Look at the smile on their faces, ah bliss! Photo shoot in their own home is just perfect! Great shots! xo http://agoldentulip.blogspot.com/

7 Oct 2014
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