Party Time! Fun-filled Bachelorette Party For BFFs!!!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

When it's our BFF's wedding, dates and countries are just numbers and words! Wherever we are, whatever we were doing, we drop everything and rush for that Girls Trip! And nothing spells Partay! more than a Bachelorette Party! Prakruthi, from our famous 'Prak at work' Make-up and Beauty Salon along with 4 other BFFs went on a wowza trip to celebrate the Bachelorette party of their gang member! This gang of 6 has had a blast and the pictures are proof enough. Here, in her own words, are more details about this Epic trip! 'We were 5 of the best friends. We flew from all over the world. Two came from Australia, One from India, one from Singapore and one from Dubai to be on this girl's trip to Hong Kong. We did Disney, and for that day, we girls surprised her with bridesmaids and bride t-shirts. We wore a bridesmaid t-shirt with Disney font in black and pink which are her favourite colours and have her one in pink!'14794081_10211097354657837_974866957_n 14795916_10211097355257852_1733858936_o 14813597_10211097354537834_699080244_n 14741835_10211097356057872_579098438_n14803156_10211097354737839_997998371_o

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