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Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.-? Marc Riboud metti Ajay Krishnan is a skilled photographer who aspires to incorporate the best and latest techniques available in every work of his. Right from his childhood, he has had the amatuerish passion for photography by clicking away photo after photo in every social occasion. Even as a kid, he was sui generis wishing to be behind the camera rather than being in front of it, unlike children of his generation. This childlike enthusiasm and passion for photography metamorphosed into something more definite after 2011. _I2A7875 Having pursued his engineering studies in a prestigious institution like PSG College of Technology exposed Ajay Krishnan to technical expertise of the highest order. He was the official photographer of Students Union, the premier students' body in college for 2 years. This provided him an opportunity to cover all significant events - be it culturals, sports, technical events or club activities. These campus experiences hold him in good stead in the profession. shopzters7 Passion for photography led Ajay into exploring the deep trenches of photography through peer discussions, online studies and field experiences. He embarked on trips to diverse places like misty hills, majestic wildlife sanctuaries, lush forests to test new techniques and attempt to make his photographic expertise a more complete one. His page on the social networking site Facebook has a fan base of around 17,000, underlining the popularity of his skills. shopzters9 In the field of arts, we have the example of A.R.Rahman who utilises his technical wizardry to give us soulful music. Likewise, Ajay Krishnan employs state-of-the-art technology to provide an output which is to be cherished for eternity by family and friends. He focuses mainly on marriages and portraiture. His marriage photography aspires to bring out the intimacy of the couple in various hues and tones. shopzters4 Initially, Ajay forayed into candid wedding photography and now apart from weddings, he also does pre-wedding/post wedding shoots at outdoor locations, maternity/kids shoots,portfolios and candid videos. A very friendly person by nature, he bonds well with his clients and therefore, putting them at ease, he is able to capture the best of emotions. t_1 Ajay says, "Wedding photography especially gives me a chance to interact with families and get to know people and most importantly capture different emotions. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of an occasion when two individuals unite to be partners for a lifetime and gives me an opportunity to capture the couple at their best". shopzters5 He also adds, "I prefer to take candid photographs as I believe that they document the couple and their wedding ceremonies as they are happening naturally,and that allows me to capture the raw emotions of people which are much more personal and beautiful than pictures that are posed for". prret_mak "Finally, when the newly married couples view the photos, the happiness on their faces when they see their cherished moments, is all that matters to me!!shopzters6 For all his acquired expertise in the domain of photography, he still calls himself a humble student of photography. This desire to keep learning newer nuances combined with his insatiable passion for the art make him the go-to person for any photographic needs. Ajay Krishnan loves to say to his friends," As long as the sun shines bright and the rivers keep flowing and cherubic babies continue to smile, I will keep clicking away." shopzters8 Contact No: +919600123270 FB Link: sax

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Thanks Sai nishanth.

19 Jul 2014

Sai Nishanth

Super Machi keep going :-)

28 Apr 2014
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