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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

I am extremely happy to introduce Srinivas Anna, the man behind Smiles and Dreams, Chennai based team specializing in Wedding and Kids photography. I came to know him recently but he is such an affable person that I feel I have known him for years. His photos speak volumes about the hard work he has put in. He has taken a huge leap from the corporate world to the world of his dreams (Photography) and we, at Shopzters wish him the very best in all his future endeavours! srini I started taking photos as a hobby 5 years back, when I was in the United States, working in an IT company. It was the time when DSLR was growing in prominence and I got introduced to it through my friends. My interest grew and I used to surf the net for some amazing pictures and ask my friends to take such ones. Friends in turn asked me, Why not you give a try? That was the spark! Pretty soon, I was a part time photographer, travelling a lot with my wife, making umpteen road trips to take a lot of pics. 1521745_578947548851408_1876635168_n I met some amazing photographers in Chicago. One advantage of being in US was that there were so many clubs and meet ups too. I became a second shooter for a prominent wedding photographer in Chicago and that set the ball rolling for my career in photography. I must say that a hobby transformed into passion and it soon became an addiction! It soon reached its peak and every weekend I was engaged in shoots. I would also read a lot of blogs and articles and update myself frequently. I still do! ;) srini1 I met Amar Ramesh, a few months before I left US and surprisingly enough he offered me to join his team once I am back in India. He had looked at my work and knew my potential. The offer was so good that I couldn't resist. The time had come for me to make a choice. I came back to India in June, 2013 and joined Amar's team in August as a part time photographer. Officially, I quit my job this month and have taken the plunge. srini5 While in US, I photographed many American, Russian and Philippino weddings and also couple shoots. Now in India, it's all about Indian weddings. US weddings are more organized and are completed in a day, with exotic locales available for couple shoots. Indian weddings stretch up to 3-5 days, yet they remain close to my heart. You can find so many candid emotions, a lot of colours, beautifully dressed people and good food as well. This grandeur is incomparable. srini4 I am a people's person and get along with brides, grooms and their families very well. It is the trust that matters. Maintaining a good relationship with the client is very important for a wedding photographer. I am an observer and I try to bring in more creativity in couple shoots. We take all efforts in capturing the happiness around you on your special day by digitally framing the treasured moments of your life. srini2 Phone Number - +91 96559 44226 Email Id - Fb - Website - srini6

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I know this will happen very well in advance ... your passion for photography will take you to the extreme.... May god be always with you in all your future endeavours

31 Jan 2014

Sujatha Prakash

Crisp article and cute pics! Pursuit of Passion is always double joy, RSS! Lots of good wishes your way, bro!

1 Feb 2014

Narasimha Raj

Very nice Cheenu.... Excellent pics.... All the very best !!

1 Feb 2014
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