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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Happy to feature "Light Story" as the photography of the month. Meet Mr. Vijesh, the Founder of Light Story. He's here to brief us what Light Story is all about! LightStory-0001 I was born and brought up in Coimbatore. An Engineer by education. I loved my software job that kept me occupied during the week. When the weekends began to doom, I got fascinated by cameras! My IT job paid the bills of my camera (It is an expensive hobby). It all started with my wedding photography I would say, I had to search hard to find a photographer. He did a good job, but I felt that there was a certain thing missing when I saw the pictures again and again. That was when the trend of candid wedding photography had started. I first shot a friend's wedding! The feedback I got from my friends was encouraging and soon I sharpened my craft and started shooting weddings. light story5 Light Story is about telling the magical story of a wedding. A magical story of a transformation of an ordinary girl and boy into The Bride and The Groom. More than being a vendor at a wedding, we love to be part of the celebration of the wedding and narrate the story of the wedding. Today, Light Story takes care of every aspect of your wedding photography and videography. light story3 Being in an IT job gave me the freedom to shoot during the weekends, but soon my Photography demanded more time and dedication as I started doing more weddings. Then I decided to quit my career as software engineer and take photography full time. Being mentored under renowned photographers like Sephi Bergerson, Christophe Viseux and Kalyan Varma really helped me in taking it up full time and find my niche. light story I'm still learning my craft and not old enough to advice, but still. Today many people jump into commercial photography without knowing the craft completely. So spend time in learning the craft and find a good mentor it will be your biggest life long investment more than your gear. light story2 There is a lot of joy in knowing that you were the one to capture the moment when the bride looked as radiant as the setting sun because of a very special something her boy told her. Be assured that every aspect of your wedding photography and videography will be taken care of, while you enjoy the luxury of a tension-free and 'be-in-the-moment' wedding. Light Story promises to create a long lasting impression of your big day to elicit spurts of nostalgia every time you look at your pictures of your big day. light story4

Contact No: +919500088632

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