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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

My two favourite photographers Hari and Yadav from Creative Wedding Photography are featured in the first edition. This is my way of saying thank you to them for giving me such wonderful memories through my wedding album. Hari and Yadav are primarily advertising and fashion photographers, who have made a mark as wedding photographers as well. untitled-2Creative wedding photography is a Chennai based photography team operating throughout India. When we started out in 2007,candid and creative photography in weddings was in a nascent stage. Recent years have seen a spurt of growth in this genre,thanks to advent of modern digital cameras and more importantly widespread availability of technical information from the net.We managed to keep ourselves abreast of the trends by continuously updating our gear and knowledge, says Hari. untitled-3"Our USP" is lighting.We are very fanatical about that.We try and bring aspects of fashion and advertising photography to wedding photography, especially in couple portrait sessions. we treat the pre wedding and post wedding sessions as real model shoots, replete with make up and styling. 478543_407867289261251_949440028_o"We use the most advanced equipments" both in terms of cameras and lenses to lighting gear for our wedding photography,which to some look like an overkill.Right from the wedding day photography to image processing,designing of photobooks and printing,we ll maintain highest, quality, standards,insists Yadav. untitled-6Mere documentation of the events wont be enough these days,interpretation of the situation by framing it appropriately as per the style expected by the client is the real key to success.They both strongly advocate a meeting with the couple before the wedding to understand their specific needs. There can hardly be any chance for misunderstanding,when both parties are clear about what is expected of each other. 904244_499889033392409_2000655308_oAddress: 11B, Chandrabagh Avenue, 1st Street, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu  600004. Phone No: +91 9884345618 , +91 9840139112 FB link:

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