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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

2013! What a year it has been! The last post of the year - Nagendra Mayya as the photography of month! 1c Nagendra Mayya a Bangalore-based wedding photographer was following photography as a hobby for many years, but two years ago, he decided to pursue his passion wedding photography as a profession. Nagendra says, I love capturing spontaneity of the moment which expresses the emotions and joy in every unique wedding. My team has a great enthusiast my wife who makes the family feel very comfortable having us with them in every capture. Nowadays people are extremely fascinated about candid wedding photography as it provides beautiful amount of pictures to narrate the entire wedding. 2c It's important to concentrate on candid and we also enjoy capturing full photography and video for wide-ranging traditions and rituals in Indian weddings . It's a great feeling to be part of every celebration, love stories, friends galatta, relatives teasing, bride and groom sign language, guests gossips. More than fun, it keeps our energy and vibrations up all time when we photograph special occasions. We believe to make a client smile not just on their wedding day but every single time they look at those pictures. Thank you for stopping by, I can't wait to meet you. 3c Contact No:+919740933833, +918088088425


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Your photos and make up super ...........i like it so much now i am feeling i miss this type of make up ..

7 Jan 2014
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