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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Anbu Jawahar is an artist by training, a designer by profession, and a photographer by aptitude.Anbu took to full-time photography in 2010, deciding to focus on weddings and portraiture and there is no looking back, since then. Happy to feature Anbu Jawahar Photography as the Photography of the month. 547076_10151511243466922_1415326279_n Anbu's interest in photography grew when he started using an analog SLR while in college and maintained his interest in photography over the years while he passed through other visual media- dabbling in video production, learning digital editing and finally multi-media design. Anbu loves using technology and gadgets. 1484673_10152657059715509_7702970922877985746_n Digital photography provides a happy marriage of all the various skills and preferences that Anbu has acquired over the years. His style of photography melds the techniques of the different media he has worked in, with his formative training as an artist. The influence of the different media on his work is especially apparent in the composition and post-processing of his photographs. 10361257_10152589927615509_6208142360413701718_n Anbu loves all things new: people, technology, gadgets, whatever. It is this restless search for the new in all things that motivates him to try different things and makes him a good learner as well. He constantly tries to update himself; mainly sourcing inspiration, tips and techniques from other photographers all around the world and from the world wide web. And the search is on. 10426081_10152614658480509_3584763669995546_n Given that he is very social and yet can be an unobtrusive presence, he is able to participate in as well as capture the fleeting moments in a wedding ceremony that make for wonderful memories. He also loves to bring romance into his work both in terms of subjects as well as treatment, and works with the couples to bring this aspect to the fore. 10628427_10152324326855509_1045585362944279549_n "Weddings present a dramatic canvas against which I do what I like to do-photograph people. While Indian weddings are lively, colourful and dramatic, they are also extremely complicated affairs. 10354227_10152494874560509_6351870525244604569_n Large crowds milling about small spaces, even blocking out the couple; overdone decorations, clashing colours, bad lighting compounded by smoking fires, flocks of photographers (family, friends and hired guns) jostling for space, whimsical priests, piles of random objects scattered around, confusion over what is to be done, when and by whom all make for high entertainment and challenge. 1922055_10152009678600509_1872669421_n My effort in such situations is to focus on the marriage taking place during the wedding-looking to capture precious moments as beautifully as I can; between the couple and around them, among the families, and in the numerous nuances that constitute the Indian wedding. Hoping to preserve the essence of those moments for future memories." 419915_10150599207680509_292314523_n You can reach him at: Address:Indiranagar, 2nd Stage, Bangalore, India 560038 Contact Number:+91 98451 22401 Email FB Link:   More Pictures: 395550_10150539402900509_1353758397_n 304735_10150312564975509_393291857_n 390131_10151113049820509_1718075212_n 1528533_10151818359240509_38682090_n 10649936_10152300331910509_1804798527390691835_n 292129_10150832243585509_951658265_n 10006955_10152677029300509_9127183742820764315_n 1513720_10152649371495509_5251573806428439511_n 196193_10151106362290509_376232484_n

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Excellent piece of imagery. True Artwork. Loved them. Wish AJ all the Best.

1 Apr 2015
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