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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

The photography of the month is Vipin Photography, known for the candid wedding shots. They were the official photographers of the highly anticipated wedding of the kollywood celebrities PRASANNA AND SNEHA. vp Vipin boasts of a photographic background from his father who ruled the wedding photography industry in his era. His team consists of fashion, industrial, product and food photographers. He specializes in wedding photography, his usp being  the visual narrative.. vp1 For him, the greatest satisfaction is not just the feeling of having captured the moments perfectly and stylishly, but also to ensure that all the key participants have a great set of emotive photos of themselves. These photos, in turn, will bring back great memories for years to come. vp3 Their albums can then become an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. It shows a stylised section of time for all to look back on. His easy going nature and attitude helps him to easily bond with people, qualifying as a great asset to get into their comfort zones and capture the emotions they would greatly cherish. vp2 His style of photography is quite edgy. He uses a unique mixture of scenes and environments to create truly unique imagery in both his post and pre wedding shoots. In addition, these guys are masters of the strobes, as off camera lighting plays a large part in their photographic style. Their post-production style typically boasts of a subtle look brought out with natural colours from the image. vp4 Vipin insists on creating images with the finest of equipments which is very well stated from the huge collection he carries along to each shoot, no matter where, to capture the moment that would make a timeless classic. Phone No: +91 98 94 562114 Email , FB Link:

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