Planning Creative Ways To Remind Your Friends To 'Save The Date'? Here's Something To Inspire!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

It's just so tiring to type in huge texts on WhatsApp and Facebook to keep reminding your friends and family to save the date to be at your Big Day. Our advice? Pick a creative way at your Pre-Shoot, add in a storyline, throw in some really fun props like name boards, wooden sign boards and no there is no better way than creating your own frames! Put together memories that are special for just you and him and add a funny or personal touch to it to make it memorable too. We've got something to get your creativity kicking!


Photo Courtesy: Scintilight Creations


Photo Courtesy: Priyavision Photography


Photo Courtesy: Priyavision Photography


Photo Courtesy: Priyavision Photography


Photo Courtesy: Priyavision Photography


Photo Courtesy: Priyavision Photography

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