Practical Guide to a Fashionable Mehendi!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

For every bride, Mehendi is that one function that she unwinds at and pampers herself. The ceremony is meant to be a casual event where the bride is readying herself for the wedding ceremony. We bring to you five tips on how to dress for your Mehendi: Keep it simple Yes, you're the bride and it's your Mehendi. But you can't be all decked up when you can't take care of yourself. Because as the mehendi is applied, you won't be able to eat with your own hands or even move at your free will. So follow the traditional colours like yellow and orange, if you stain your clothes then it won't be visible. Wear a simple yellow ankle length gown, it'll look graceful without any effort. Or opt for a simple silk anarkali which can be worn without a dupatta. Sari is a taboo though, no bride can handle that.mehndi outfit

Minimum Jewellery works best: Jewellery is an important part of Indian tradition. But it isn't very practical at a Mehendi mainly because it'll make you increasingly uneasy. The bangles and rings will get in the way of your Mehendi, especially when it's in the process of being applied or drying. Also, the heavy neck-piece and earrings will make you uncomfortable when you try dancing with Mehendi on your feet and hands. Therefore, heavy jewellery is a strict no-no at this ceremony. Instead, a string of diamonds around your neck and a pair of solitaires on your ears would be a perfect investment. And if you are the kind who loves to experiment, try flower jewellery? A string of flowers around your neck and a tiara of lilies will make you feel and look like a medieval goddess at peace.


Natural looking make-up: While applying make-up for your Mehendi, try keeping it as natural as possible. This day isn't meant for you to be decked up. So put on a decent base, a fair amount of blush, thin eyeliner, sufficient mascara and pink, peach or subtle red lipstick. This will add to the sombre theme of the event and make your face look fresh. Avoid anything with glitter or sparkle, you have plenty of time for that kind of make-up during the other ceremonies.Priya Vision (34)

Tie your tresses: Another practical step to take is to not go for a bun, mainly because it'll come lose after a few hours and you'll have to ask your sister/aunt/cousin for help. But if you leave your hair open then you're most likely to ruin your Mehendi while trying to control it. So to avoid this mess, its best to make a nice long braid. You can either go for the good old three strips braid or a fish-braid if you want to go for something different. Add a few flowers into your braid, a lily or lavenders will make all the difference. mehndi outfit1

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