Privacy Policy

With the intension of helping our users understand better, so as to what happens to the information we collect from them, why and so on, Shopzter has created a 'Privacy Policy'. The following details will address queries and details of us collecting User Information as a part of basic operation services and also about the choices you can make about the information that is collected and used.

The mention of 'Us, Our, We and Shopzters' refer to '' and 'You, Your' refers to Shopzters Users.

We will be using the personal information that we collect for either altering the content you view, to process the services you have requested us and to contact you about our service that might interest you.


Personal Information that we collect, will remain confidential. In case the vendors / advertisers, who are listed with us, need to contact you with the services they provide based on your request, they will be contacting you. While even that depends on if you want us to contact you regarding those services and products.

Personal Information that we collect will only be shared under circumstances that either involve Law, court orders, other legal demands or with your consent. Apart from these we assure and ensure that the information that we collect from you is handled with care and safe guarded with every possible technical support that helps us to do so. However, just so the users understand 'worst-case-scenarios', security breaches that go beyond our technical knowledge beating our high security standards are at your sole risk.

While giving your options and ability to edit your personal information that you provide us with, we also make sure we verify your identity before granting any access to the information on requests of changes to be made.

Password Security

Your login details, passwords and fee details are your responsibility. We recommend your password and login details not be disclosed. Under those circumstances of compromise, we suggest you change your password immediately as disclosing details is bound to create security sabotages.

Our Site Content

Shopzters work with a long list of vendors and even bigger circles of to-be-weds, reaching out to them with profound content and the trending topics that relate to 'Weddings'. While on the process we are bound to handle images and content from talented vendors. We request the vendors hold valid copyrights for the images and information that has been given access for us to use. We also have events and Wedding Stories from users who have given us permission to access the information that they provide us with. On events when users and vendors have objection to the content we post, they are free to contact us and we will take necessary measures to solve the issues.

Other Websites

Our contents might have links that take the user to other website. Shopzters will not be held responsible for the content, security and privacy policy of those websites. The user has to carefully review website details and security options while providing their personal information to those website parties.

Shopzters holds every right to revise the Privacy Policy that has been provided above which will be on effect, as and when revised.

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