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A pre-wedding photo shoot has become an invariable part of every wedding, but it bound to get monotonous and boring. Make sure your shoot stands apart and brings out your personality, we bring to you top 5 ideas to make your pre-wedding shoot as quirky as possible. Create a Fairy tale Pick your favorite fairy tale and give a new take on it with your partner. Not only will this give the to-be-brides a chance to indulge in beautiful gowns, but also see their groom dressed as the ultimate prince charming. 01 Recreate your Favourite Movie A Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge, Robot, The Notebook or even Avengers themed shoot, is bound to raise eyebrows. Pick a movie that both your partner and you love and recreate the posters and the most iconic scenes. 02 Back to Basics Get in touch with your roots and plan a traditional photo shoot with your partner. Take to the fields, your ancestral temple or your home town. This will not only bring back memories from your childhood but also give you a chance to share them with your partner. 13115995_838598536284312_2737645595444953812_o-edited-1024x577 Take a Ride An amusement park has brilliant photo opportunities for your partner and you to cash on, the merry go rounds and those tiny teacup rides are fancy and oh so cute. The only hiccup in this shoot is the cost it would involve to deny public access to the rides so you aren't disturbed.04 Go All In If both of you are quirky and chirpy, then go all out with bright colours and vibrant motifs. Basically your photo shoot should look like a Chumbak store, complete with a fancy auto rickshaw, oversized sunglasses and balloons. 05

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