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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

The most important thing that holds the entire wedding shinding together is the Seer. Okay, maybe second next to the bride and groom. But it is a significant aspect and a tradition for both families to bring fruits and sweets; exchange this during engagement and make it official once and for all. So we at Shopzters found some interesting seer plates that would dazzle everyone alike, beautifully done by EVES - The Bridal and Fashion Jewellery Studio.  

We're going coo-coo over this midnight effect on coconuts.IMG_9466Because Seer Plates needs centrepieces tooIMG_9468A pretty-in-pink doll stranded on an island surround by an ocean of Jilabis? No worries, we can eat through it to make a path for her. But maybe wait till the wedding events are over?IMG_9472 Every aspect of a wedding needs a wow-factor. IMG_9479This mini cupcake on mini table for a Seer plate is Grab-tasticIMG_9480 Lady of Wealth on a platter? Talk about symbolism.IMG_9481 Because as auspicious as they are, the lemons demand to be decked up tooIMG_9482If betel leaves did synchronized swimming, they be looking like thisIMG_9483We think they're trying to hint at something with this seer plate, but can't quite put a finger on it. Thoughts?IMG_9487Nothing says Fun Seer Plates R us like X's and O's with nuts and dry fruitsIMG_9488Rings and rings of chocolate- Yes, I do, I DO.IMG_9489'Candy-licious candy bouquet for the candy-tooth' seer plate is so drool-worthyIMG_9491Tthis game of thrones inspired candy thrones is a must-have seer plateIMG_9492                                        A Picnic Basket filled with Chocolates? Now there's an idea for Seer Plate and First Date as Newly-weds.IMG_9467                                 Jazz-up the fruits to match the rest of the festive mood at your wedding.IMG_9465                                  This unique novelty cake Seer plate is both inspiring and mouth-watering.IMG_9469                                  We'd like to think the pretty doll is there to distract the guests from the sweets. A guardian angel for the Seer, so to spea IMG_9471                                       A protection of sorts to keep the sweets from dripping mouth-water drops. We don't want these delicious sweets to melt before it's time to eat, do we?                                   IMG_9473                                  Katy Perry meets Lady Gaga meets Sweet-Tooth, this Seer plate is a compromise between the Mami's and the YOLO gen.IMG_9475                            Because nothing says auspicious and beautiful like a Peacock IMG_9476                              Hearts, roses, and ferrero rocher. This seer plate knows the path to our hearts.IMG_9490                              Beware of the bedazzled peacock watching over the Seer plates.IMG_9485                                   The tall, sharp lamps tipped with flames needs a face to able to warn they're thereIMG_9484                                  Because Coconuts likes to dress-up tooIMG_9470

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