Rock Your Sunglasses With Your Sarees!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Phew! The summer is almost here and so is the wedding season (At least, weddings and feasts gives us something to cheer about!). While the sunscreen lotions are out, so are sunglasses and umbrellas. But being the sophisticated and practical lady that you are, you'd probably prefer wearing sunglasses than holding an umbrella at all times especially if the occasion is your own wedding. The only problem is: Would you be able to carry off sunglasses well with your traditional saree or lehenga, without looking tacky?

Worry not ladies, brides of the past(not so long ago! Lol!) have shown us how. So wear those sunglasses and strut in style while the sun takes care against getting itself scorched!

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I guess we have made our point! So, if you're looking forward to having a fun wedding with a whacky twist, why not give sunglasses a shot? But if you don't want to go over-the-top, we suggest you stick to aviators and wayfarers. However, make sure to remember this:

  1. While aviators may look really chic, they tend to have a harsher look so in case your outfit is a light, girly colour like pink, go for softer frames like wayfarers etc.
  2. Don't try matching your sunshades with your ensemble unless the frames have unusual colour like say, bluish pink tinge framed glasses with a pink saree?
  3. Try not to go for black even if it is your favourite colour. Brown, beige or white goes better with a traditional Indian wear
  4. Keep your sunshades simple. Don't try to overload on the bling factor. You already have a gazillion other glittery things on you so spare the onlookers!

Well... we are done with our tips so it's time to drape a contemporary saree and carry that sharp sunshades with elan. Go ahead with confidence and rock that oh-so-cool look!

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