Santorini Or Athens!! Which Is your Special Place?

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Known for its amazing caves, beaches and islands Greece in all itself is a beauty and the romantic couple just love it more and more! If you are one of these lovely couple who has spent your honeymoon in the beautiful blue Greece! Do write to us!  
Harini and Prashanth Our dream destination was always some country in Europe because of its diversified beauty and scenic attractions. We were thoroughly confused about finalizing one though. Greece perfectly suited us because it had all the attractions we were expecting  Athens (culturally rich city with historical significance), Myokonos (an absolute party island) and Santorini (beauty at its peak). Santorini's beauty was too hard to resist that it made us hire a photographer (Giorgos Z Ventouris) to capture some outdoor moments in this beautiful island.

Honeymoon photoshoot of Harini and Prashanth from India in Fira Santorini Harini_Prashanth_2015_-28

Vaishanave Classic... that's what comes to my mind when I think of Greece. Santorini, an island of Greece is perfect place for honeymooners. Volcanic mountain, blue seas and whitewashed villages and churches domed in navy blue makes the place so romantic. To add on to the romance, watch the gorgeous golden sunset against the backdrop of windmills. To get the best experience stay at one of the windmills or traditional cave suites. The island is always filled with couples, wedding photographers, beautiful boutiques and exquisite jewellers. Hire an ATV and explore the entire island with your loved ones. If you are a party type, you can head to Fira, which has loads of pubs and restaurants. "Greece has an awesome cuisine. simple yet mouth watering! If you are a non-vegetarian, octopus is must try and vegetarians don't miss gemista! Dinner at a restaurant, viewing caldera would be a best choice.

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