Scenic Places, A Lovely Couple And Iconic Poses- A Post Wedding Shoot By The Fhoto

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

When you meet the love of your life, your whole future flashes before your eyes. You can see yourself walking side-by-side, having silly conversations, stealing glances, drinking tea or coffee, sharing silence and chaos and ups and downs in your life with him on a daily basis for the rest of your life. And what was just a normal banal routine that you did when you were single, will turn into a cute and romantic montage that will play in loop in your day-dreams.

And that's all it takes to motivate you to turn your life upside down for this person. Add a dash of scenic backdrop like the temple shore of Mahabalipuram, a pint of lounging on rocky riverbank with waves crashing behind you, a sliver of cozy home setup, and a dollop of iconic poses from romantic hits of the 90's and you got yourself the ingredients for the best love story of the year.

The Fhoto has beautifully captured the first chapter of Uthra and Koushik's love story. And it's picturesque. A must-see!The Foto (1)The Foto (2)The Foto (3)The Foto (4)The Foto (5)The Foto (6)The Foto (7)The Foto (8)The Foto (9)The Foto (10)The Foto (11)The Foto (12)The Foto (13) The Foto (14)The Foto (15) The Foto (16) The Foto (17)The Foto (18) The Foto (19) The Foto (20) The Foto (21)The Foto (22) The Foto (25) The Foto (24) The Foto (23)

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