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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Weddings now have caught the Photography Fever! People have realized how much they love getting clicked and that they want to be clicked all the time! The era of Candid Photography, Outdoor shoot and Post weddings shoot has brought forth this innovative idea by Photo Boys! They now have set up Instant Photo Prints booths at weddings! 13680063_1813781795519428_4321581005260135749_o

Imagine a situation, you're at a wedding, and there is a huge line of people waiting to meet the bride and groom (which is the case in a lot of weddings), what do you do? You go to the Selfie Booth and take quirky and fun pictures of yourself and your friends!13667876_1813782265519381_2819247033769355990_o 13920202_1813004545597153_1902393980796968470_o

These guys have come up with a selfie booth, and placed along with it are fun props like Caps, Masks, Over-sized glasses and placards with funny lines. People can take their selfies and also groupfies (A group of people taking selfies. Yes, it's still a thing!), edit them on the machine, add funny texts on them. They can also share these pictures on Facebook, Twitter and also get them printed at the same place. Now if this isn't fun, we don't know what is!83f132c487db956e72f689f53721e1b513497873_1798135207084087_2507235945088127629_o

So if you are getting married, or you are going to a wedding and you love getting clicked, you know what you want at the wedding! So go on now, slick back your hair, click a selfie and fall in love with yourself again!13912454_1814345462129728_7793760861060048830_n

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