Six Years Of Love! Dharshini And Arjun's wedding! - Photographer's Delight

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Its a bundle of emotions and fun when it comes to weddings, but when it is blended with love, the whole bundle gears up with tons of energy! That's what happened in Dharshini & Arjun's wedding, Six years of love! When it meets that moment of emotion, magic wascreated allaround. And what is more! You have some amazing pictures to be framed for life! - Mystic Studios   12772042_1117584104941975_4507420332475969153_o wedding nama 12841251_1117584308275288_3732094506687850322_o 1933370_1117584151608637_2724385997132537545_o 1093755_1117584311608621_1169863027400099243_o 981215_1117584314941954_5639788180184168987_o 12823297_1117584131608639_6487258905924618004_o 12716445_1117584531608599_3256338040194368438_o 12829284_1117584564941929_8417636314656950287_o 12495945_1117583851608667_4661961214388593998_o 12841356_1117584494941936_283396251970662372_o 12794791_1117584718275247_9147723954226325872_o 12828545_1117583968275322_83387021612493285_o      

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