Smiles and Dreams Valentine's Day Couple Photo Shoot Contest!


Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Win a "Photo Shoot" worth INR 15000 with the talented wedding photographer Srinivas RS from Smiles and Dreams! Who can Enter: Newly weds and To-be-weds! How to Enter: Inbox u or mail your couple picture to Maximum likes for the submitted photo on Shopzters page will win. Tune in on Valentine's day to know the winner! Voting ends on 13 Feb 2014 1654347_10203201329782150_1012405642_n   MORE PICS FROM SMILES AND DREAMS TO INSPIRE ;) 1528588_578882825524547_16032551_n 1601545_578923745520455_1620254395_n 1544453_578947568851406_713423779_n 1466070_560946650651498_799428120_n 1476390_566696270076536_35900773_n 1512440_571382379607925_2016940719_n 1512635_571382666274563_487587875_n 1521745_578947548851408_1876635168_n 1450786_560948070651356_1786127250_n 1450286_551818181564345_1054339398_n 1441220_551819011564262_1967640493_n 262546_461459403933557_1905203069_n 11 1 (2)  

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