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Apoorva Balasubramanian The best gift that my husband ever gave me was for my birthday. I was so excited as he exactly knew what I wanted. The gift was an amazing 45 minutes ride in a Hot air balloon. The balloon ride was a totally different experience for both of us who love a good blood rush. In fact it was the opposite of blood rush. I think it is the most peaceful way to fly. The balloon flies gracefully like a feather above the noisy city into the beautiful clouds. Another unforgettable gift that he gave me was to jump alone after our tandem jump in AJHacket bungy jumping in Queenstown, New zealand. I totally loved it and thanks to Arvind who helped me strike two items off my bucket list. 1612046_10152194052454393_1095703966_o   Subha Mani It was my first birthday with my love after my wedding. We were celebrating our Post wedding days in Ooty. I was excited as it was my first birthday with him. I had a long tiring day and was fast asleep. When I woke up suddenly, I found he was not there!  I searched for him all around the cottage and also tried calling him but unfortunately he left his mobile in my room which left me even more worried.. !! Only then I noticed a small leather pouch on the living room table, It had a pair of pretty gold and rhodium finished earring with a drop hanging. I was really moved by the gift he gave me that night. Later he entered the room with a chocolate cake and party poppers. I gave him a tight hug that night and promised him that will stay by him throughout my life no matter what. Love u Mams <3 <3


Ramya Rajeswaran It was Feb 14th, 2013. Our first Valentine's day after our wedding. I had a long tiring day on Feb 13th and was asleep in the morning. When I woke up on Valentine's day morning, I found my husband missing. I searched him all around the house and also tried calling him but he dint pick up which left me worried.. !! Later I sat down in the living room and continued to call him. Only then i noticed a card with a letter and a hidden gift under the coffee table. So much to my surprise, my hubby had left to office early that day, so that he can come back in the noon and take me outside for a movie and dinner.. And had also gift wrapped a beautiful watch from Titan and an awesome perfume as well.. I was totally surprised and enjoyed every moment. :) .. Love you babloo. :):)


  Suma Shenoy Life seems magical when your best friend becomes your husband and I feel blessed to have had this touch of magic in my life. It is our first wedding anniversary on the 14th of Feb 2014. Though we fell in love in 2009, we did not feel the need to propose or to announce it. But as cliched as it sounds, my husband "proposed" with a beautiful ring on a romantic date at The Taj West End in July 2012. It was a beautiful amethyst ring, amethyst being the symbol of love. Later during our engagement ceremony that ring was replaced by a diamond studded platinum ring. But the first ring that he gifted to me definitely remains more precious and priceless. So here is a photo taken on that beautiful evening. Thank you Shopzters for giving an opportunity to share my fairy tale love story.


  Agalya Gopikumar It was October 18, 2013 .That fine morning I was as usual getting ready to office. I usually go to the Saibaba temple every morning. At the same time i was texting my better half which was a regular routine. I went into the temple and began to pray. Little did I realize that he was right behind me! All of a sudden I turned back and I was so shocked to see him with a bouquet of roses. I couldn't believe that it was the reality. It was the most memorable moment as it was the first time I was seeing him after the official talks at home!

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  Mangala Gopi It is strange how life ties two strangers together and love blooms from the moment. My hubby gave me a crystal with our image on it for my birthday which was made from a wedding got from the biggest personalized gift shop in Coimbatore. To my surprise our picture was selected as one of the best couples and we were used as models for that gift shop. Kugu, you are the best gift I have ever got! 1560692_472208476224596_2026108872_n   Guruprasad Narasimhan The Wedding Bells and the Surprise!! When the day was full of happy moments, on the Special day of the year in her life..wanted to add another Surprise for my Dearest. It was our big day the wedding day!! , One of the Special day in our life and it was her 22nd Birthday too!!! I decided to fulfill her dream of owning a bike of her own. That happiness I saw in her eyes when I handed over the key to her brand new Scooty Streak..! I still remember those beautiful eyes filled with joy! ! I will make sure that the rest of journey in our life will be the bestest !! Love you iyshu! :) 1623654_472847109494066_1186308808_n   Theresa Stephen The best gift i have ever received and liked it is a funny time piece where in the alarm of the time piece is a romantic titanic song. And this represents the time we are together... and we ensure to spend most of our time together :)


  Aishwarya Narasimhan "We met miles away from our homeland, fell in love! Few people are so much opposite to each other and just get together only because of love! YES, opposite poles do attract! We got engaged recently and will be married soon! He is the best companion best friend I have ever had, and will have! He loves to surprise me so much, i can't mention just one! He loves to see my surprised face, so here goes a few of his tricks to see me glow in happiness! "It was a holiday time, he lived 3 hours away from my city! I was cooking, and he was over phone, he said stop cutting onions and look out your window, he was there!! I was just awestruck for hours!" "March 6th, 2012 our second proposal anniversary, I was skyping with my parents after work! I heard a knock on my door, there was a big bouquet of flowers and there stood with it THE MAN OF MY DREAMS!" Again, awestruck for hours!" He has bought me so many gifts like that with surprises, not to forget "All in PURLE!!!" Just love you so much Swapneel Deshpande! 1621837_471253579653419_1896228036_n   Vinodhini Harish It was our first valentine's day after wedding, Feb 14. 2012. Though we have been in a relationship for over ten years. That Valentine's Day was highly overrated. I was anticipating it too much. It was a usual morning: he just left for work, not even bothering to wish me. Sometimes needless you just expect more, I was sketching it as big heck of surprise searching every nook and corner of the house finding if any. There was no clue of it. It was late evening he turned up and handed me A chicken burger giving me a hug wishing Valentine's Day. I was so damn paranoid. Asked him; Can't you, at least fetch a bouquet of roses, do I look like a foodie?. He just told, You love it; so I just fetched one for you, Never mind, I will have it. We just muted late night to avoid arguments. Craziness redefined: an annoying hilarious surprise gift ever.   Regardless next day, we were on a romantic holiday to Devon. What more can one ask for!!!. Those were the few clicks of the loveliest holiday ever. 1545782_468527856592658_1884442992_n   Gowrishankar It was my b'day and I was actually expecting a surprise gift from my loving wife, but not even in my wildest imagination I would've thought about this. A personalised hand-painted photo frame with our photo at the centre. I was actually taken aback by the fact that it took over a month for her to learn this art and come up with this piece. All this happened without my knowledge and needless to say, I was extremely overwhelmed! A gadget freak I am, was expecting some gadget as my gift and guess what? She didn't let me get disappointed! I got a stylish watch as another surprise gift! It was quite an unforgettable b'day indeed! There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. - How true is this quote! 1794797_473296242782486_1825779117_n

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