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Story of The Long Awaited Wedding!

The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it. A bride who felt the wait unbearable yet with all the mixed emotions, she managed to plan everything conventionally right.

Hello! My name is Shamyuktha Pradeep and my husband's name is Prem Subbaraj. We first met in May 2014. He is from Arupukottai and I am basically from Coimbatore but living and working in London during the time. We first met in Chennai in a temple and said our "yes".

But we had a very long wait because we got engaged only on 28th November and got married only on the 4th of March 2015. So we had ample amount of time to plan each and every detail of our wedding and also this time was the best time in our lives and it gave us a good chance to understand and know each other better. The last one month was very exciting and was also the most difficult time to wait. We had mixed feelings of being nervous and excited at the same time.

The wedding functions started a week back with the kula deiva Pooja on '22nd February' followed by my Mama seer (pre wedding ceremony), Mehendi, Nalangu and then finally our wedding and reception. We had our wedding in a small quite temple early in morning before our grand wedding reception in Codissia later the same day. It was indeed the best day of our lives. It was such a beautiful fairy tale wedding which also included a horse and a carriage. (Lol) Thanks to my parents for getting me all that I wanted and for planning and seeing to each and every detail and for making my dream wedding come true. Also for getting me the best husband ever. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

The theme right from the invitations to the saree to the backdrop and also the cake and the return gifts were all in green and gold and which had the jewel motif on top.

The backdrop was done by Sathya and Akila who own ferns and petals on Avinashi road, Coimbatore. They really took the interest and the pains to plan out each and every backdrop for my engagement. They brought out the theme really well. For my mama seeru it was pink with white and silver flowers, which were matching to my saree and for the wedding it was red and gold which was matching to both our outfits. The design on my saree was brought out on the backdrop.

The garlands and flowers for the hair were done by Viji Rudrappan, Coimbatore. She was very good in designing the garlands to match our outfits and the backdrop and also the flowers were very different and unique every time. The Bombay veni that I used for my mama seeru was very different but beautiful and unique at the same time.

The invitations were from Lotus cards Coimbatore they also did a good job in customizing the invitations for us and designing it the way we wanted it. We chose hand written invitations for our wedding because we wanted it to be unique and different.

The cake was done by Hot Chocolate, Coimbatore. They are very good in fondant cake and they also understood what we wanted. The flavour was Choco vanilla which was really too good.

The plates for the mama seeru were done by my cousins and my mom and the rest were done by Lathas kitchen studio, Coimbatore who did wedding themed cupcakes and cookies. The bride and groom chocolate doll was done by Ganache, Coimbatore. Choco Choza did the cake pops.


I picked both of my wedding sarees and my engagement saree from Tulsi silks, Chennai. My mama seeru saree was from Mysore silk Udyog, Bangalore. His Sharwani was from Moksha, Chennai and my lehenga was from @shanthala# boutique, Coimbatore. All my diamond jewellery was from J.Jashwanth Singh and sons, Karaikudi. And my all new diamond hip chain was a gift by my beloved dad for my wedding. I wanted a different saree for my wedding a unique colour and design which no body has worn so far. So, I chose the colour red since it suited me well and it has the design of horses on it. I was the very first one to wear that and it was a dream come true. I'm honoured now since a few other brides who got married after me also choose the same colour. So I think they liked my choice too. My wedding saree was chosen by husband and in laws. The temple wedding saree was also simple but still nice and different. I love that too.

My blouses were done by Sangeetha Suresh (Tamil actress Sneha's sister) who owns Geethu's boutique in Chennai.

My mama seeru blouse was done by Arvi The Couturier, Coimbatore who also did a very good job.

Makeup and styling:

Chitra Senthilkumar who did my makeup is one of the best I ever know who chose all the hair and forehead accessories for me. She brought out the best of my features and was never afraid to experiment with new styles. Her makeup was elegant and classy. She was one of the main people who made my day.

My mehendi was done by mehendi artist Munira Coimbatore.

Photography & videography:

Aishwarya Videos (Coimbatore)


J. Jashwanth Singh and sons (Karaikudi)

Sumangali Jewellers (Coimbatore)

Gifts and trousseau packing:

Sanskrithi (Chennai)

And last but not the least I must mention my mom who planned each and every thing from the beginning and saw to each and every minute detail and made sure everything was perfect. Everything was her idea and her choice. Without whom nothing would have been possible.

My advice for the brides to be:

1. The time between engagement and marriage is the best time ever to get to know each other and to understand each other better so enjoy and make the best use of it.

2. Plan well before and keep everything ready and have a Checklist and keep checking on everything.

3. Plan your salon visit for every month and also before the wedding well ahead.

4. Don't be nervous or scared after all it's your day. So, just enjoy and have fun because it's a once in a lifetime event.

5. Drink lots of water and maintain a good diet before the wedding because what you eat reflects directly on your skin.

6. Finish all your shopping well ahead.


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