This marks the beginning of a fairy taleā€¦. - The Wedding Of Sneha And Ravindra

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

A wedding is where faith begins, Love blossoms between the destined couple. The wedding of Sneha and Ravindra is a subtle blend of traditionalism with modernity. The once-in- a-lifetime exciting moments of the couple was captured with life through the lens of Siraj Khan. The stage is adored prettily with colorful flowers in Ambasador Pallava. Amidst the pretty flowers stands Lord Ganesha blessing the wedding couple. The bride looks dashingly pretty in the makeup of Ibrahim. The groom stands classically handsome in his traditional attire. As the couple tie knot, the fun begins and happiness is filled. This marks the beginning of a fairy tale!.   38_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 37_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 35_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 36_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 34_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 33_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 32_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 31_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 30_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 29_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 28_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 26_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 27_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 24_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 25_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 23_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 22_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 21_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 20_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 19_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 18_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 17_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 16_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 9_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 12_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 15_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 14_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 13_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 11_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 10_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 5_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 7_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 4_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic 2_S_R_sirajkhanphotography.pic

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