Portfolio Shoot Contest worth INR 30,000 by Vipin Photography!


Date: 30th-Nov--0001

CELEBRATING ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF SHOPZTERS! To top all the contests we had in the last 10 days, here's the SURPRISE GRAND FINALE CONTEST! One lucky girl gets a Portfolio Shoot by Vipin Photography worth INR 30,000! This contest is for all the young ladies who are future brides-to-be! Poster 8   MORE PICS FROM VIPIN PHOTOGRAPHY TO INSPIRE ;) 563479_475974499123612_1803872381_n 382510_527337423987319_558224243_n 1479457_604251846295876_2090615158_n 1535392_613793058675088_931175409_n 10009839_635778906476503_1459763792_n 1920550_635778843143176_1166320335_n 1780767_631005476953846_1447586929_n 1460122_591213504266377_1248068898_n 1186251_555734074480987_1765011129_n 941497_575501022504292_561978674_n 1551580_619811201406607_1323921991_n 1620515_619811494739911_2111854482_n

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