The 4 lucky winners of Valentine's Day Contest


Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Hey guys! I am back... and with the results of the Valentine's Day contest.. Before I announce the winners, huuuge shout out to ZG Studios for being the generous sponsors they are :) Thank you guys! Thanks to all the lovely couples for participating in the contest with so much enthusiasm! It was fun getting to know each of you and I feel as if we have been friends for a long time now! ok! I get it.. You guys must be desperately waiting to know the results!   Here You Go!   Oh wait.. Did I tell u?! ZG Studios charges 3 lakhs* for Candid Photography + Traditional Photography and Videography whereas they are offering all the couples, whoever participated in the contest, the same services for 2.5 lakhs*! Yaaay! What are you guys waiting for?

Contact No:098 40 767566


Here are the results!!!

1. Sangeetha & Sudarshan


2. Saranya & Siva

Saranya Siva

3. Shmruthi & Kannan

Shmruthi Kannan

4. Vivetha & Dinesh

Vivetha Dinesh

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Chennai Photographer

Hey, nice photographs. Yes we know zgstudios always capture best moments.

29 Sep 2015
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