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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

South Indian weddings are colourful events replete with flowers and their fragrance! The brides are decked with flowers and look like deities on their wedding day! This can be attributed to the flowers that adorn the damsels! 10849778_828107653917885_3071036935895327565_n Who can think of a South Indian wedding without flowers? Meet Arthi Prakash, the owner of 'Wedding Flower Jadai' whose penchant for flowers motivated her to begin this venture! 11403319_954493487945967_6009818444195992542_n Well, would you believe if I say, I got interested in flower jadai during my seemantham? That's what happened! I got to know that there are different kinds of jadai for the seemantham. Thottil jadai, valayal jadai, and jadai in which we embed grapes, cinnamon and cloves are all the kinds of flower jadai we make during seemantham! 11259533_927977273930922_7744288967369322271_n For one year, I began helping my friends and relatives by making jadai for their weddings.This interest deepened after that and I toyed with the idea of starting to give this service to the people of Chennai. 10896933_850976154964368_5008743680569655488_n This November we will be turning two and I am happy with the feedback we are getting daily. We now offer flat veni, round veni (both natural and artificial flowers) and garlands. As far as the jadai are concerned, we offer full jadai as well as pendants in different shapes.11061213_926642577397725_1216898838061261957_n While the veni starts from 200, the pendants start from 1500.Another facet of Wedding Flower Jadai is the flower Jewellery which is gaining popularity in recent times. I propose to start classes pretty soon.We have plans of beginning the wedding decoration plates too. WFJ1 At present, we have 3 branches in Chennai and one branch in Pondicherry. We are planning to expand to other cities as well. I am extremely thankful to all the brides for reposing confidence in us! 10983406_875533235841993_8112482809693731993_n Best wishes to all the brides to be! Do have a look at our page and if you like our work do give us a call. We will only be too happy to serve you! 10368408_832466573481993_4774173799288328631_n FB:  

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WOW ! I never knew such startups were available ! Very Niche and wonderful ! Keep going Best wishes

17 Jul 2015

vinod Padmanabhan

Thank you so much to #Wedding Flower Jadai for making my sisters wedding jadai absolutely amazing!

18 May 2017
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