The Great Wall Of Donuts

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

We all know weddings are beautiful, grand, and romantic affairs. But let's add some sweetness to that list. Once upon a time, we decorated the stage and the rest of the Mandapam with flowers and fabric and lights. Now it's time to decorate it with something much sweeter than flowers. It's time to choose the great wall of donuts, where you hang delicious, mouth-watering, soft and bulbous rings of confectionery on the walls around you to make your special day- sweet, sugary and chocolatey. Here's the latest and our favourite trend making rounds on the wedding circuit.14329383_823884544378322_441980092_o 14330984_823884571044986_1503560471_n 14284997_823884574378319_517598285_o 14285498_823884557711654_1446543637_o 14285680_823884564378320_393709389_o14348972_823884504378326_293806580_n 14302729_823884524378324_1549190755_n 14341803_823884534378323_1975416185_n 14328997_823884537711656_1241842841_n 14341432_823884527711657_628426039_n 14331050_823884547711655_21613959_n

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