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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Here's what ANYA has got to say about their bride!

Weddings are the symbol of traditions. Our ideal South Indian bride Vaishnavi Rajmohan Praveen gets every element right on point. The traditional Kanchipuram sarees adorned with astonishing blouse designs by ANYA gives the bold bright look to the bride. Kudos to our happily ever after bride! Her look is every bit quintessential as it can get! 12909529_983890428367473_8823220455230100755_o 12901484_983890285034154_2246180533207227082_o 12888717_983890498367466_8646563395555383226_o 12440626_983891121700737_534295297018306412_o 12378010_983890571700792_3455966573727210787_o

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May i know the makeup artist who did makeup for this bride

3 Apr 2016
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