The New Found Love For Floral Blouses

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This is a trend that you could incorporate no matter what the occasion, be it your wedding, or maybe you're just an attending bridesmaid, you can pick variations of the floral blouse and pair it with different types of sarees. Ayush Kejriwal, House of blouse, Arpita Mehta, Bhargavi Khunam and Sayasachi Mukherjee are just some of the designers who have taken up the floral blouse in their collections. If you want to keep it light, chose a bold floral print and if you want to experiment then pick a floral print with net or lace to add a new element to your outfit. However, if it is an important occasion then you could go for floral embroidery, with beads and sequins woven in that enhance your outfit, and if it is a winter wedding then go for a velvet touch which always looks elegant and sophisticated.

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Credits: Ayush Kejriwal, House of blouse, Arpita Mehta, Bhargavi Khunam, Sayasachi Mukherjee & others

Source: Pinterest

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