The Peacock Themed Opulent Wedding of Indu and Bala

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

An opulent wedding which looks like an elaborate set from Alladin! That was the effect Indu and Balas wedding had for us! From fun decor ideas like bird cages, to a beautiful Peacock themed color palette, this wedding is a piece of art! Beautifully captured by Nagendra Mayya Photography and decorated by Vivahihika, here are the pictures and the lines from Nagendra Mayya Photography themselves, just for you. A beautiful peacock themed wedding filled with love, laughter and food! This wedding was truly unforgettable with lots of fun moments, pretty smiles,so full of energy,positive emotions and outpouring of love from family. Can't wait to see how the wedding turned out? Here are the pics!!!"

Credits go to

Decor: Vivahhika

Make-up and hair: Raja Sekar and Kumar Hairstylist

Clothing: Shree's Ethnic Trends

Photography: Nagendra Mayya Photography 14468546_1068179756614666_6818394963948316661_o 14481786_1068180316614610_6896964299772393715_o 14500342_1068180309947944_8008125370165937949_o 14524964_1068180033281305_1695294835741353676_o 14542545_1068179909947984_3392125187307933708_o 14542550_1068179896614652_701887296604404008_o 14542554_1068180449947930_7234649348834865480_o 14570706_1068180383281270_2615414224664848631_o 14543765_1068180159947959_4540096734691538360_o 14543926_1068180399947935_3692357154174841302_o 14556718_1068180019947973_111060359379741660_o 14560175_1068179779947997_1963741962877123005_o 14567608_1068180186614623_4342106537741126134_o 14570668_1068179876614654_5098705847626701689_o 14589953_1068179993281309_1841157719539696287_o 14590075_1068180423281266_4172543024942182652_o 14612377_1068180106614631_8649206527203997958_o 14612597_1068179759947999_9130532386167467991_o 14615577_1068180049947970_2310861360567186803_o 14615612_1068180156614626_7002097626331168761_o 14615620_1068180493281259_8942960275641513449_o  

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