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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Megha Asher Designs is a clothing and jewellery brand by Megha Asher that creates a range of office wear, evening wear, indo-western tunics, designer blouses, saris, salwars and lehengas. Jewellery Designing was never my strength but seeing the splash of colors, my passion for creating something unique and beautiful gave way to what I call our statement pieces. Strands of pearls, colored stones, and kundan worked in hundreds of different ways, with hand crafted pieces, gave birth to exclusive designer pieces. The response was tremendous and beyond my imagination. I now have clients who would purchase a statement piece and would like a sari or outfit designed around the piece. While, not all would choose to pick high end pieces as far as jewellery is concerned we keep a small range of 1gm gold plated jewellery and jhumkas as well. The jewellery segment received a great response online as well, as it was a considerably lesser risk product to purchase than clothing. Once a client ordered and was happy with the product and service, there was no looking back. 11128689_797083970398968_5460426160892415531_n 11267056_806004622840236_4980782358280703813_n 11245480_806004596173572_845716920077921159_n 11225412_806004779506887_2439850741427204364_n 10404375_806004692840229_4883583347887115502_n 11245801_806004776173554_6094513470611188622_n 11164560_794648640642501_3531404054025540506_n 10421993_794648840642481_1249599444838317039_n 13387_805277812912917_9219486393354497954_n 10458463_792394127534619_6086003169205581497_n 18901_787819771325388_8472917818077182362_n 1514943_790812821026083_6850529532319159680_n 11144925_797084013732297_1111119545929421320_n 11113801_781065985334100_1057038496720491573_o 11130175_787819741325391_2486640402422998072_n 11110448_796010400506325_5759179746148327080_o 11129784_796010267173005_2508878530193984244_o 11146395_796010790506286_1134042178141657759_o 11174603_796010650506300_5645765784973116178_o 11174460_796009890506376_5352252538249843068_o 11157343_796009753839723_705111811380908263_o 11169710_796010087173023_8697939930254742656_o megha asher jewels megha asher jewels2

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