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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Photo booths are amazing ways to create lasting memories of the wedding! The guests irrespective of their age simply enjoy their moments and walk away with amazingly cool pics! So, if you are looking to add fun and frolic to your weddings, then you need to check this out! We just loved the ideas of 'The Photo Booth' 11237566_931682380188132_7129428577085226213_n 11253593_931681896854847_3426119175445026596_n 11392901_931682203521483_7502909380332539705_n 11393245_931681026854934_2223092925859964959_n 11401392_931681016854935_7366708512044929301_n 11402945_931682403521463_6046896627329816938_n 11407204_931682560188114_5489573087217988003_n 11412270_931681556854881_7069066486959665015_n 11425795_931682210188149_6377941175913163489_n 11427234_931681163521587_8172603576311492722_n 11427753_931681570188213_3129380873459406997_n 11430129_931681830188187_4421848677830476187_n 10151424_931682216854815_3907842917361059479_n 11232357_931682710188099_495052569561901088_n

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How I need to contact a vendor if I need a photo booth for sangeeth??

12 Dec 2016
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