These Brides Wanted to Take a Step Back-In-Time, The Photographers Helped And It Turned Out Epic!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Modern-Shmoden! Take a look at these brides bringing back puff-sleeves, smoky eye-make up, good old puffed hair-do's all bun-ed and completely Vintage wedding outfits! It's like stepping back in time, to those glorious 5-decades-ago scenes! This also proves that Fashion is what you decide to carry out best!   Those old fashioned puffed sleeves can never be a bad idea. Apart from the comfort, bringing in old fashion, is the trending thing for now!

Step Back 1

Photo Credits: Aa Photography

Big buns for a hair-do with gorgeous chokers are the kind of things from the early 70's that the whole world fell in love with. Bring those back in for a bit and you'll know how true it is when they say fashion repeats!

Step Back 2

Photo Credits: Aa Photography

Bold colors, pearl sets and a slightly over done eye-make up, you'll be surprised what the old fashion trends can do to your looks. Things like, making you look classy and stuff!

Step Back 3

Photo Credits: Light Story

Another all-time favorite! The puffed Hair-Do! There is nothing more elegant that can make you feel lady-like than the style from the 60�s. Agreed?

Step Back 4

Photo Credits: Aa Photography

Stunning outfits which literally look like they got rubbed off on one of those portraits from the early 90's, sure have a way with setting classic standards for the fashion world.

Step Back 5

Photo Credits: Studio A

  Simple yet adorable jewelry, a neatly done hair-do, unique hues on the saree, a half-smile from the bride, can just take you back in time easily! Agree?

Step Back 6

Photo Credits: Studio A

Welcome to the times of elegance, bold shades, not a hair out of place, traditional accessories This is what 80's must have felt like. When the world was a better place.

Step Back 7

Photo Credits: Aa Photography

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