Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Vendor Before You Book Them

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Planning on a super-dooper team of Vendors for your Wedding? Here are a few questions you need to ask them before adding them to your list! It's hard enough to taking up stress over your wedding as a couple. Putting together a team that can totally pull off your dream day, the way you have planned it, requires people who think along the same lines too. This is why you need to make sure it's in the right hands that responsibilities have been handed to. Hence the questions! Research or Google your preferred Vendor before approaching them. Ask a few friends and make sure you know enough details so you'll be able to confirm it with them when you approach them. You'll definitely want to check samples of their work that's been done earlier.  
Details on Experience of the Vendor? ( Some Heard-About-You's) While it's great to give the lesser experienced a chance, it's definitely necessary that the person who is taking up the responsibility knows what they are doing. Your wedding day can't afford to be an experiment right? They don't have to be top most in their industry but knowing what output they can give you, depends on the experience they've had so far. Questions Answered 2 Portfolio or Samples of Their Work? (Sometimes, Creative Ideas and Your Inspirations Start From Here!) Every Wedding deserves Quality work for the amount of stress gone through and finance that the family invests in, to pull of a wedding day. Even with lesser experience there are vendors who do amazing quality work. Try and filter them out. This can be done only by ways of asking for their Portfolios and Samples. A clear run-through on a portfolio will give you an idea of what your expectations can be from a particular Vendor. Capture Review Check? (From the Clients!) Even google might make a few mistakes (Surprised? Don't be)! But a review from a Client never goes wrong. Make sure to contact a few clients and read up on the reviews provided for the Vendors you have got on your list. Tripti Wedlock planners (35) 1 Availability of The Vendor? (Busy? Free? Overloaded Bookings?) Make sure the Vendor that you've finally decided to work with would be available throughout the time you'll need them. If you're pretty sure the vendor juggles with a lot of other clients at the same time too, be sure to confirm if they will be on Available sign when you need them. Questions Answered Cost of The Services? (Coz No Awesome Service Comes Free Of Cost!) Highly experienced and vendors who do a great job would definitely cost you a bit more. Why? Because they're worth the price. Clear talks on the price details for the services provided by the vendors would help with preparing your budget accordingly and avoiding confusions during the final payment. Generally the cost depends on their experience, reputation, work and quality.   Fine Print? (The Long List Of Things on The Bill! You Know..) This one's supposed to be on your list right after asking for the cost of the service he provides! A list of the things that are included in the Cost that the Vendor charges you for the services. This also includes taxes and other service cost that they might include. It's important you know what you're paying for and if those service meet your requirements. Questions Answered 1 Back-Up Plans? (They Cancel? You Cancel? Just In Case!) This one's for on your Wedding Day, so you better highlight on this one! Let's for an instance say for some reason they had to cancel on an emergency, the wedding has to go on and you need back-up! Make sure you settle on these things before finalizing. Clear up on things like would the vendor provide you an alternative or you need to have one of your own. Another instance where you had to cancel last minute for various reasons, make sure you discuss the cost of the service done so far or if there are other alternatives that can be done too. Stories By Joseph Radhik 1 Alternative? (More Like a Plan B) It's always good to keep your options open. This one's for you, if your Vendor is fine with you selecting your own alternative. Keep someone who will be the next best option, a plan-B, just in case. If your vendor offers you one, good for you! To make it better, make sure the alternative service that your vendor provides is as good as the first Plan too!   Contract Sign: (Well, Just To Be On The Sure Side) Details like signing a contract or working on an official quotation that involves services and money is highly necessary. If you involve huge budgets, these contracts and official documents help for future reference too. Tripti Wedlock planners (19) Insurance Covered? (They've Got It All? They're In!) Documents like Liability Insurance need to be looked through in instances where huge amount of money is being invested on like the Venue, Decors etc. In case anything goes wrong, this document helps with the sorting out of the problems. Not that this is top priority, but it's always good to get hold of standard vendors.

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