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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

A woman whose grit and determination to succeed has spurred her into action and today she stands tall with her venture “SAVI MAMI’S BOUTIQUE” churning out beautiful sarees for the elegant women! Savi mami as she is fondly referred, Mrs. Savithri Sekar has taken the online shopping by storm and is an inspiration to numerous youngsters including me!  Mami, love you so much and I hope you continue to inspire people around you!  Here’s what she has got to say about her venture! “I was a working woman until one day I realized that I had to take care of my daughter. That was when I quit my job and began this venture. Thus on the one hand I was busy, on the other, I was able to take care of my daughter well!  While my business grew slowly but steadily, I must say, the last two years, the growth has been exponential, thanks to Facebook! This online sales which I started, has grown by leaps and bounds these two years, thus making it a viable business.” “We sell 100% handwoven, Gorgeous and chic silk-cottons at very affordable prices!  We have Wedding sarees, Retro combinations, Jacquard prints, Work/Party wear, Light weight sarees, Embroided  sarees etc. which cast a spell over anyone.’ I procure them directly from the weavers. I don’t move out as my health does not permit. In fact, weavers come home and deliver the goods to me at home. And my customers also come home and select sarees.”
Contact No: +91 98841 95942
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