Tips for the Bride – Mehandi!

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Date: 30th-Nov--0001


  • You should apply it 48 hours before the event. The mehandi usually gets darker after a few hours. When applied, it is best to leave it overnight.
  • Once it is dry enough, sprinkle some lemon juice or sugar syrup over the hands or use a cotton ball. Just like lemon juice or sugar syrup, eucalyptus is also supposed to enhance the colour of the mehandi.
  • Do not wash it away with water. The longer you keep away from water, the darker your mehandi will be.


  • Allow it to fall off naturally. To remove the remaining bits that remain, use a dry towel or just rub with your hands.
  • Immediately apply some coconut oil and just leave it at least for 4-5 hours.
  • If possible, when you take a shower, put plastic bags on your hands so that the mehandi does not lose its radiance.
  • You should have manicures, pedicures, bleaching & waxing done before mehandi is applied, as you definitely would want your mehandi to glow in your hands.

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