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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

I know I do not stand alone. Being dusky skin-tonned woman is a bit of struggle when it comes to selecting the right colors for the attire we wear. But it is important to remember that dusky women have a great role to play in determining style statements. It is just that a bit of extra care and effort has to be taken to chose the right shade for the unsuitable color may make the look go wrong. It is important to keep in mind that the color we choose helps to enhance and brighten us rather than it doing some talking (rather than it being loud) on its own. This interesting article of Shopzters has listed the colors that would enhance the look of the dusky brides on their important day. But keep in mind to be open and experimental, if you feel you can pull it off then nothing like that.- Madhumitha Suresh.

Indian women are complimented and fawned over for their tanned dusky complexion. So why don't they flaunt it on their bridal day? Often, women are left disappointed because their clothes made them look dull. The most common problem is the colour of your outfit, it is meant to add to your outfit and not take away from you on your special day. We bring to you the top five colours which will flatter your skin tone and make it glow.

Good old Gold: Now, gold is a colour that can be experimented with in many different ways. Gold work on a white net or white fabric will work wonders for any skin tone. One thing to keep in mind when you have dusky skin is, golden will always suit your skin better than silver. So give a golden undertone to white or off-white shades, it looks traditional and the golden tinge customises it to your needs. Dusky

Peachy pinks There is a common misconception that pink doesn't look good on dusky skin and pastels should be restricted to fairer skin tones. This statement is partially true. Some shades of pink do not flatter dusky skin at all. Like fuchsia pink and other neon shades. In fact, any neon colour will make your skin appear darker. Though, this depends on your personal choice. Some women do not mind appearing darker. But if you want to go for a colour that will enhance your skin, then take a peach pink or a light shade of pink. It's a shade that will add a feminine touch to your outfit. Esha Deol was seen sporting this colour at her wedding.


Ruby Red: You're an Indian bride and nothing would look better or more beautiful than the traditional colour of marriage. Red is something that doesn't necessarily need to be restricted to fair skinned brides. Find your own shade and hue that'll make your skin glow. For example, actresses like Kajol and Vidhya Balan carry off Maroon with panache. So pick a darker shade of red, with gold work if you're the kind who wants to stick to traditions. Dusky2

Graceful Green: Now green isn't the typical colour for the bride but it is a colour that suits the dusky skin tone. A green lehenga with silver or golden embroidery is a safe bet. However, green is a colour that could end up looking tacky. So while picking the shade, you need to choose a hue that isn't too bright nor too dull. Aqua green is a regal colour and could look very flattering if played well. Dusky1

Unconventional experiments: If you are a bride that likes to rebel and bend the rules a little, then here are a few colours that would excite you. Unconventional bridal outfit colours include shades of grey, ashen blue, yellow and black. Designers like Manish Arora, Manish Malhotra and Sabya Sachi have experimented with these shades time and again. A sequenced sheet of ashen blue or a traditional gottapatti golden and grey lehenga is sure to set you apart from the usual brides. Dusky4

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A Golden Tulip

absolutely love the peachy pink on all the brides...gorgeous.. xo Hems

27 Dec 2014


I need a very good Artist who put mehendi for wedding

15 Jul 2015
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