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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Pre-wedding arrangements can be mentally exhausting! And wait... I am not even talking about mine. It's just that whenever people around me get ready to board on the nuptial bandwagon, I tend to obsessively deviate towards thinking of a perfect gift for their big day. And I cannot be caught dead gifting the same uncreative gifts to everybody. Ah... the embarrassment! Does my situation sound familiar to you? I bet it does! But hey, no worries! Because I have just a perfect list for you to check out before you decide on the gift for the newly-weds. Say 'NO' to the cutesy picture frames, boring flower vases, uninspiring fruit bowls and tipsy ceramic damsels when you can do so much better!

1. Personalised Wedding Calendars:

Wedding Calendars make for a great wedding gift. Pre-marital photo shoots with a wedding photographer could be one of your secret sources for some awesome snaps to include in the calendar. Alternatively, you should be able to bribe a few near and dear ones for some precious pictures from the couple's personal albums. Maybe you could check their Facebook accounts? Wedding website? Instagram? Mehendi and Sangeet pictures? Not only would the pictures remind them of their journey of love and togetherness, you can successfully create a personal touch with this gift! Your gift will be the only calendar that will be adorning the couple's bedroom year after year after year. This is one calendar that isn't going to get outdated so soon. The wedded couple are so going to remember and thank you almost every time they decide to flip the pages of their past. Trust me when I say this: memories are a nice place to be in!


2. Garden Plants: If you prefer gifting eco-friendly presents and if the bride and groom are nature loving couple, what better gift than surprising them with garden plants to get them started towards creating magic with their green fingers? Garden plants can easily be your last minute gift idea that can bring a smile on anybody's face! And of course, sweetly fragrant flowering plants are winners hand down, any day of the year! Just make sure they look fresh. 36223 3. Romantic Dinner/Weekend Getaways: Why not treat the newly-weds with some "Us-time" by gifting them romantic dinner coupons or weekend getaways? This could work especially well for couples whose marriage have been arranged or who are living in large families because after all, they need some time away from the family to get to know each other better! You can even get creative with this idea by gifting tickets to movies, outdoor activities, treks, spas etc.


4. Kitchen Electronics: A wedding gift must have its uses and what better gift than kitchen electronics for the bride and groom to keep themselves gastronomically fulfilled? Be it a food processor or juicer or even dishwasher (if you can afford it!), kitchen electronics make the best gifts that come in handy as soon as the couple enter their love nest. My friends gifted me with a toaster on my wedding day because they decided that my husband deserved something better than saucy noodles every day of the week. Eight years later, it is still working and I am still very grateful! The best thing is: when my friends dropped in after our wedding, they got saucy maggi with burnt toasts on the side (I still suck as a cook, but that's a story for another day). The important thing is that we created memories together that day, thanks to the toaster. (Sigh... Can someone hand me in the tissues, please. I get nostalgic when I talk about my toaster!) Phillips alum range 1 111 5. Couple Watches: I need not even tell you how useful couple watches can be for gifts! And wearing similar watches should provide enough thrill for a lifetime of togetherness. There are a range of couple watches available online and in stores around your place so finding the one that fits your newly-wed's taste and personality as well as your budget shouldn't be much of a hassle.


6. Personalised Videos: Personalised videos where the couples' family, friends and relatives are talking about how much they mean and what they really feel for the couple from the bottom of their hearts, makes an emotional gift. Obviously, this is one gift that the newly-weds are going to cherish their whole lives. You can even make it quirky, cool and fun... Just unleash that creative side and the movie-maker in you! You might end up surprising yourself. Who knows? Errr... You might like to keep some tissues handy by the way!

7. Home Decor: To make it more romantic and livelier for the newly-weds, gifting some home decor items is a good idea because the newly-weds are looking to create their own love nest right from scratch. Wind chimes not only add beauty to their lives but also music. Tea Light Holders make a cute gift for the couple who would love to have a candle light dinner just being at home! Other options like art paintings, water fountains, photo frames, Buddha figurine etc are also some of the good options. They are relaxing, soothing and may I dare say, even romantic?


8. Bird Feeder: Now that we are already talking about making the couple's life musical, why not do it naturally? Your couple may love to have birds visiting their homes; especially if they are bird enthusiasts. And with concrete jungles looming up around us, birds are a rare sight anyway. Who wouldn't like these tiny guests to drop by now and then to say hello? I know I would. Bird feeders make an excellent gift for couple who love to be surrounded by natural beauty. If they have a garden and green fingers to spruce the dullest moment into life, all the more better! Let the music in their life be natural!


9. Bookends: For the book lover couples, quirky and cool bookends make for exciting wedding gifts. They will thank you for giving a gift that works towards keeping their spaces cleaner and orderly. A little bit of creative thinking and planning would go a long way! Check out this exciting bookend, perfect for the wedded couple!


10. Passport Holder: For the couple who love travelling, passport holders make awesome gifts. It takes time to start getting used to "we" instead of "I" and honeymoon as well as passport jackets are a great place to begin.


Remember, gifts must have its uses... Be it spice racks or cookbook subscriptions, be it bookmarks or even books! Your gifts must appeal to the personality of the person to whom you are gifting. The better you know the person, the easier it would be to zero in on a perfect gift! So now that the wedding season is near, get creative and stay creative!

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29 Dec 2014

A Golden Tulip

Although there are lotsa unique and personal gift ideas...generally its best to give kitchen or home decor items as gifts, as newly weds, thats what they will have to buy and spend so much money on... so something to help that would be a thoughtful gift IMO.. xo Hems agoldentulip.blogspot.com

12 Dec 2014
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