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Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Gota Jewellery is the latest trend that we couldn't wait to bring to you. It's fragile and delicate but it looks great for functions where you don't want bulky jewellery. And yet, you want something bold and different, making a statement. We have the perfect solution with this hand-made glittery jewellery style that can be used in earrings, rings, neck pieces and tiaras. Perfect for the Bride's Mehendi, she can also get the pieces to match her outfit. It's an upgrade from the regular flower jewellery making rounds.

13413053_1635475333442140_9122714346496673254_n 13754105_1657021551287518_3242081515786611523_n Trend-of-Gota-Jewelry-2015-for-Mehndi-09 13592553_1649698978686442_2382925582650053633_n 13502065_1646358192353854_1066124341383907073_n 13590441_1652363711753302_667078799594904951_n 13407137_1637557513233922_5712361863686118590_n 13501561_1643748079281532_8035971383185520169_n13606470_1651185591871114_6597705491223711407_n 13567216_1650146808641659_4950911864715909957_n 13754679_1657654891224184_2853040687365013136_n 13669583_1656514971338176_7272493074149926441_n13450900_1636548610001479_2590407565186219842_n 13342933_1632002160456124_3462556821691881952_n 13342933_1632002160456124_3462556821691881952_n (1) gota-jewellery-brideOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 41751e193269193637ed29744c75091a  

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I want to buy this gota jewellery... can u please please help me from where to get it ....not at correct price ....please . It wud be a great help ...

29 Aug 2016
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