Awesome V-day getaways you cannot say no to!

Ideas for Couple to Grab

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Cherubs ringing in the ears and pink and red roses adorning the season. Love is not just in the air, and this Valentine's day is the perfect time to have a quick vacay to somewhere not far away. We put together a list of places you can visit to celebrate the day with your special someone. So why don't you check out these stunning V-day getaways inside the country? We think Saint Valentine would approve! Soaring skies and trailing seas Finally we have our very own couple-specific air services in India. Ahmedabad airport now offers packages for couples to celebrate this Valentine's day by cutting a cake 4000 feet up in the air. With heart-pounding adventure, gorgeous, exclusive views unfolding in front of your eyes and your love next to you, love is literally in the air! The joy-ride service that takes you on a private plane, counting clouds is unforgettable, you can bet your money on that. If heights make you a tad bit nervous, then we have the perfect alternative. Sabarmathi Waterfront (also at Ahmedabad) offers exclusive boat-ride for the evening. Couples can rent out a nice luxury boat and enjoy the view and the magic of this special day. Both packages come at reasonable prices considering you'll be soaring skies and trailing seas to declare your love! Valentines_Day2 Bliss in the Backwaters If a quiet, private getaway is the kind on your mind, then stay with us. Because our next V-day suggestion will call out to the romanticist in you. With rows and rows of singing trees and pristine waters enveloping you, the isolated allure of Kumarakkom is one you cannot miss! Cut off from the rest of the world, these boathouses offer the seclusion and the sights for a perfect romantic getaway. Whether it is your first, fifteenth or even fiftieth anniversary, Kumarakkom retains a charm that is both mystical and pure. So hop on a flight and head to Kerala because beauty beckons!???? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ??????? (Houseboat on the Kumarakom Backwaters, Karala) Ocean-views All you beach-babies, pack up your bags. Because Lakshadweep is calling! With the million dollar sight of sun-kissed beaches and crystal blue waters, Lakshadweep offers the international Beach resort experience for a fraction of the cost. Lagoons, coral reefs, warm waters it's a hell of a fun weekend waiting for you. Its romantic allure is sizzling, but thankfully the weather is nice and balmy, this time of the year. Just perfect for enough to whisk away your lover and take them there. Don't wait, get your sun blocks out and get on that boat! LakshadweepIsland Castle among the hills Long walks, cycling together, mouth-watering brunch menus and even river rafting! Sounds heavenly doesn't it? It gets better. All this comes with a colonial-era architecture resort that is sure to blow your mind away. Designed to resemble a palace, the hotel looks like it has been cropped out of a movie. The princess of all hill stations Himachal Pradesh is home to this wonder - Widlflower Hall. Wrapped around the Himalayas, it does not get more romantic than this. With massage and spa at your disposal, you have everything you need by now. So don't think twice go get that Valentine's break you deserve. 1 (1)

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