Abharan Jewellers

Gold Jewellery | Bangalore

India is unique in its culture and traditions. The concept of 'beauty' was well entrenched in this culture. In fact, our ancient remedies for enhancement of beauty by way of herbal treatments and oils are well known and well documented. So too were the enhancements to beautify in the form of ornaments, jewellery and other accessories. From discoveries made, there is enough evidence to prove that our culture promoted beautiful jewellery and craftsmanship. These include excavated jewellery made from ivory tusks, feathers, leaves, nuts, berries, flowers, bones and even teeth of animals. Jewellery as an art form goes back to our early ancestors. It's roughly estimated that Indian jewellery designs had its beginning nearly 5000 years ago. At first, jewellery was made from what was found in nature and its immediate surroundings. Today, we have sophisticated processes, refining and plating techniques to transform metals and gemstones into beautiful eye-catching jewellery.


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