Altar Narratives

Photo and Video | Bangalore,Chennai

We are your best-men/bridesmaids , we shall take it upon ourselves to tell you if that smokey-eye goes with your wardrobe or if that gelled back hair sets properly for your dapper suit. We thrive on perfect visuals , emotions and great stories to tell. Altar Narratives is the brain child of two passionate photographers Soundarya & Vivek. Soundarya is a fashion/editorial/advertising photographer who has been commissioned by multiple big brands and who’s clientele includes ITC Dark Fantasy, Shell Pvt. ltd , etc. She started off as a people and fashion photographer and has a successful career in advertising. She had the opportunity to work on a wedding shoot where she dealt with a very tough client, the way how her work and effort moved the client , the client’s appreciation for her commitment has streamlined her career path into wedding photography, and hence the birth of Altar Narratives. Vivek is a travel/documentary photographer who's got a perpetual love for the art of automobile photography in his heart. Having a never ending thirst for travel, culture and arts, he is easily one of the most knowledgeable people you would have come across. He loves creating exciting visuals out of mundane elements, so he shoots all his brilliant imagery on Instagram using his meek iphone proving that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and not on the gear that you own.



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