Arvi The Couturier

Designer Studios | Coimbatore

We at ARVI consider art as the most eloquent way to express the highest virtues and we seek to do so through designing clothing. We aspire to cloth people in the most beautiful and ornamented way which is truly reflective of their individual splendour. In short we want to become the couturier of your choice. With a formal ?instruction in Costume Design & Fashion and a team of designers and craftsmen, we strive to bring to life our artistic ideas and your desires.?Our designers are chosen for their passion and commitment and are put through rigorous training in our design philosophy. In an ever changing global community our design philosophy is to find a balance between modernity and heritage.?Our craftsmen are among some of the most talented and experienced with some of them coming from generations of skilled craftsmen, thus ensuring that the traditions in the Indian artistry of Aari work are preserved in our works and remain true to its origin and heritage.?From inception to completion we meticulously work to achieve the highest quality and excellence and leave our designs to speak for themselves.



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