N Gopal Das Jewellers

Gold Jewellery | Chennai

Shri. Gopaldas C. Metha & Shri. Nandalal B. Shah - revered Gujratis hailing from Ahmedabad, journeyed across the country during the pre-independence era and found themselves connect deeply with the temple town of Srirangam. They went back to their native and returned to make Tiruchirapalli their home and established N.Gopaldas & Co. The year was 1929. The jewelers' creations became the talk of the entire Southern India. They were highly regarded for the intricate craftsmanship & high purity. Since then, there was no looking back. A pioneer and visionary in his times, Shri Gopaldas Mehta had also laid the foundation for a life-long bond with the company's patrons. Their families continue to be our clients across generations. The business has thrived across decades as the focused diamond jeweler handed over the mantle to successive generations, remarkable craftsmen in their own right, who have preserved the tradition


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