Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture

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Pawan Bagga started Hare back in 2009 after graduating from USC. The company excelled by the end of that year when it broke the ice with its fresh designs, new concepts and innovative thinking. Accepted globally, the major inspiration behind the label remains to be the creative thinking and designing rather than following market trends. The vision of the label is to look beyond current trends and to make an outfit that will both appeal and strike awe in those gazing upon it’s creations. Being a sheep among the herd is certainly not what Hare is all about. Over the years the brand has done several shows in India as well as internationally and now flaunts a flagship store in Mumbai, which is 7,000 sq ft in the posh locality of Juhu where both menswear and womenswear is on offer. This year the brand now aims to launch its couture range of outfits under a different Label and segment, “PAWAN & PRANAV”, ‘targeting the tasteful’. As tastes of consumers have developed, the label will now be showcasing a range focusing more on georgettes and chiffons whilst reducing the use of nets. There will also be a range of neon suits for the “hip and happening” along with a range of high fashion Lakhnawi saris. And for any Hare fans out there, you will be excited to hear that the brand will also be branching out in to the jewellery market,with a bid to forecast the current demand for quality jewellery and innovative designs.


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