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Everyone has a story. A story about a journey from school to college; a story about the first love to finding the soulmate; a story about growing up form a daughter to a wife to a mother; Each story is different and unique. Each story is important. But in the bustle of life, we tend to forget about these stories. They are in our mind but we do not get a chance to talk about them, let the world know how beautiful our stories are. Life is one and the journey is long. Each story of the life cumulates to what we are. We bring to you your life in the form of a story you always wanted to tell. We are the Qahaniwallas -the story -tellers. We tell your story to the world, however, small or big your story may be. With the lens of imagination and creativity we create your stories, capture them as moments, so that when you grow old and look back, you have them framed as memories. Join us to recreate your stories; let the world know how unique your journey was; how interesting your story is. #CandidPhotographer #Photographer #PhotographerinBangalore #CandidPhotographerinBangalore #BangalorePhotographers #WeddingPhotographer #WeddingPhotographerinBangalore



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