Rahul Sadagopan

Photo and Video | Chennai

An Engineer by education & a Photographer by passion that's me! A diehard Chennaite, I see as much thru the lens as with my other two eyes. Photography to me is a way of life! I've always believed that my biggest strength is the ability to see, not only see the unusual but also see the usual in an unusual perspective. It's all about perception & that is what makes my images stand out. I stated off as a Nature & Travel photographer, and over the years ventured into wedding & commercial photography. Since I started off shooting nature, almost all the images I shoot today have a natural feel to it. Be it an wedding shoot, food photography or even an industrial assignment, I try to keep the scenes and elements as natural as possible including the setting, the props, the lighting and the perception. My wildlife work has taught me patience and art of photographing without being obtrusive. This skill has greatly helped my candid wedding photography. I wait for the right moment maintaining an unobtrusive presence and then comes the perfect picture, the right emotions and a lifetime of memories. Being an engineer by education, it has helped me embrace technology better. Understanding of the optical physics behind lenses, the mechanics of the camera and most importantly the electronics and digital image processing helps me bring out the best of my equipment & post production techniques. In a nut shell, I believe I have what it takes to create images that are powerful, aesthetic, tell a story and are technically right. To say I enjoy photographing is an understatement, every work day is like being on a vacation for me


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