When Everything Else Is Just Blur!

A Photographer's Delight!

Date: 30th-Nov--0001

Love is a timeless enigma that brings contentment in your eyes and a spring in your toes. Marriage is a silent promise that you will be loved for the rest of your life. And when it brings two people together, everything else is a blur! And perhaps, that is what ASHOKARSH, the photographer of this beautiful married couple, wanted to express through these breathtakingly gorgeous shots. In other pictures, he has played well with the colours and hues. And what is photography if not an artist's imagination? Both are bound to be marvellous.

All his pictures have an ethereal out-of-the-world quality about it. You almost feel like you are on mid-flight. There is that sense of freedom, happiness, love and complete, absolute calm  every beautiful aspect of life captured perfectly.

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Murali Sridhar

Beautiful. Loved every image .

16 Apr 2016
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