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When North And South Took Us On A Colorful Cultural Ride At Their Destination Wedding!

Adding to some of the glorious and beautiful inter-state Wedding Stories, Hamsa and Vinay managed to pull off a Destination Wedding at Oberoi Udai Vilas in Udaipur. It was a very well planned 4 days of fun celebrations with Ankit Bhargava, one of the top Destination Wedding Planners and his team. They in fact took it to another level of perfection and this story cannot be left untold!

With friends and families from two different cultures flying in, to celebrate the love of Hamsa and Vinay, there was undoubtedly 'Love In The Air' you could almost sing a Disney song! This lovely wedding was planned perfectly incorporating colors and traditions of both North and South which was a total highlight for all the guests.

Hamsa and Vinay, a lovely Dubai based couple all set to declare their love for each other, seem to have spread their 'love' vibe and have gotten the guests going dizzy and hyper at the same time. Smiles, precious moments, emotions on a roll and to top it all, grooves and hues of traditions are making us proud. We're Indians, we all love the fact that we're different yet capable of falling in love with our differences! Here goes one more on the 'North Meets South' love stories!


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